Crown lengthening is a gum treatment that has both functional and aesthetic purposes. If you receive endodontic treatment at our office, our dentists may need to prepare your smile for a dental crown or a bridge using crown lengthening treatment. This is often needed if the tooth is broken below or close to your gumline or if there is insufficient tooth structure to support the restoration. To provide your new restoration enough tooth structure to remain securely in place, we may need to extend the visible part of your tooth with crown lengthening.

During your crown lengthening treatment, we will remove small portions of bone and gum tissue to reveal more of the tooth structure. This exposes more of your tooth and lengthens the appearance of the clinical crown so our dentists can access the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth. Once the tooth is properly treated and healed, our dentists can safely place your new restoration and secure it properly in the space provided. As you heal after the procedure is completed, you should see an improvement in your gums over the course of the next few weeks.

We may also recommend crown lengthening to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile. If you struggle with having a “gummy” smile, our dentists can adjust the length of your gums and reveal more of your teeth to enhance the look of your smile.

To learn more about the uses and benefits of crown lengthening, we welcome you to contact our office today.